Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about, "Why is my grass not growing?" Now we love our lawns and we put so much money and time into them and we start a lawn and then it doesn't grow. Well, let's examine the reasons why your lawn might not be growing. Well, first of all, the best time to start your lawn is in the spring and the fall. So in the spring make sure that the nights are warm and that there's dew on the ground. Make sure that you've got lots of compost and nutrition for that grass to grow in and just add lots of seed. Do that in the fall is the best time, but you can also add grass seed and start your lawn in the spring. So wait 'til the nights are a little bit warmer and add lots of compost and grass seed and you can grow lush grass for the summer that way too. So if You're grass isn't growing, it's probably because there's too much shade or it's the middle of winter, the middle of summer and it's either too cold or too warm for it to grow, or it's not enough water. Because I know especially where I've got some grass near the shaded areas I don't water in the spring and the fall very well 'cause I forget and the grass doesn't grow very well there 'cause it's not getting any water. And if it's still not growing, it might be too shady. So if weeds won't grow in an area, you're not going to get grass to grow. So by just cutting some branches out from the bottom of your trees, or by adding a bunch of compost above your mossy areas and adding more grass seed every spring and fall you should get your grass to grow eventually. And you'll have a beautiful lawn without any fertilizer or chemicals.