Video transcription

I'm Harvey Kromberg, I'm with Austin Flag and Flagpole in Austin, Texas we're occasionally asked how you should hang a flag for display purposes. There's essentially two ways. One is horizontally and one is vertically. We'll start with the horizontal method. The most important thing to remember is when you do hang it you don't want to have to put pin holes in there, it's better to have some kind of clip. For our purposes, I've simply used an office clip and attached them with nylon straps. But, any attachment system is fine as long as you don't put holes in the flag. When you're displaying it vertically, you make sure that the field of stars is on the left, on the viewers left. That's always considered the position of honor and you try to make sure it's taught with no gap in the center. And, that's the proper display for a vertical display for a flag. If you decide that you want to do it horizontally. Again, the field of stars is on the side of honor, which is considered the left hand side from the viewers perspective. Again, you take the clip, the bigger the flag the more clips you may need, but you simply attach and your field of stars is on the left which is the side of honor. That's how you hang a flag.