Video transcription

Hi I'm Tod Amazeen I have been an Internet Business Consultant for fifteen years. I am going to show you how to compare Internet service providers. Open your web browser and go to consumer search dot com. Now there are several sites out there where you can compare, Internet service providers we are just going to use Consumer Search for this example. Scroll down the page a little bit and under computers and Internet, select more. And now click on ISPs. Here you will see a section dedicated to ISP reviews, as we scroll down, you will see they are listed by top ratings, we can see Verizon FiOS, Cablevision, Earthlink Cable. As you scroll down there are also DSL and dial up providers. They also at the bottom of the page, have a section where their experts at hand analysts have more to say. You have just learned how to compare your Internet service providers, I am Tod Amazeen.