Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tod Amazeen. I've been an Internet business consultant for fifteen years. I'm going to show you how to rent movies online to watch on a computer. On your PC open Internet Explorer. Now, we're going to use Netflix to watch movies online, and Netflix requires a PC running Windows XP or higher, and it requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Once you open Internet Explorer type in in your web browser. Go ahead and sign in to your Netflix account. If you don't have one you'll have to create one now. And once you've signed into Netflix click on the tab across the top called Watch Instantly. Anything in the Watch Instantly category is something that you can watch on your computer. You scroll down and find the movie that you want to watch and click on play. And you'll see Netflix will start to prepare your movie to watch, and then you'll be watching your movie in no time. You have just learned how to rent movies online to watch on your computer. I'm Tod Amazeen.