What do Frogs Eat?

By tim cole
tim cole

Tim Cole has been keeping reptiles for over four decades and has professional experience working with zoos and scientific field studies. Cole is the owner/proprietor of Austin Reptile Service, an organization dedicated to the conservation of native Texas reptiles through education. He has been the Reptile Team Leader with Wildlife Rescue Inc. in Austin, TX, since 1989. He has achieved the level of State Advanced Certified Animal Control Officer, and has held a Texas Parks & Wildlife rehabilitation permit. Cole is a founding member of the Austin Herpetological Society and has sat on the board of various herpetological societies. He also keeps and breeds various species of snakes in his home, for the pet trade and for private collectors. Cole teaches snake identification and awareness programs to Animal Control Officers, City Utility Departments, State agencies, Cub & Boy Scout groups, and schools.

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