Video transcription

While we're evaluating a car, often we'll find a little ding, a rock chip, maybe a door ding. If ti doesn't require the service of professional dent removal, often a small can of touch-up paint from your dealer that coordinates with the color of vehicles can just put a quick sealant on that exposed metal to make sure that it doesn't have further rust. Whether you do that or you point it out to your customer, they're going to be appreciative that you've done it. Often we can add that to a customers exterior detail in additional cost for a small touch up. The other thing we do, because where we live here there's a lot of vehicles that tow boats and trailers and snowmobiles and four wheelers, almost everyone on their SUV's got some kind of trailer hitch. We keep a can of black spray pain around so that as we're going through this hitch area, there's often rust spots, and we can simply go in and do a quick touch up on this area. Now you want to make sure to mask it, you want to make sure that there's not other cars. Sometimes we'll just get newspaper and cover the area so that when we spray it we don't get overs-spray on another or part of the car that we've already worked. Then we can just go in and put a little quick touch up, you know, on a few areas that might have some rust exposed. Again, our job is to bring this car back to a like new conditions so that when the customer comes around and looks at it, he's absolutely or she's absolutely delighted with the service and the job we did on their vehicle.