Video transcription

Well we are ready to papier-m?ch?. What we need to do is mix our flour, salt, and water. I like to eyeball this process. You want to have the right consistency, so depending on how much flour and how much water you add will depend on the thickness. What we want to do is we want to create a paste. Not too thick not too thin. We are also going to add some salt. By adding salt it prevents molding, because this is flour and water we want to add a little bit of salt into the mixture. Then this part of adding the water is really what's important. We don't want to add too much, but we also want to mix as we go. So, this is a great part for the kids to do as you add water they get to mix and they do it with their hands. So, they love to get their hands dirty. This is definitely messy. This consistency right here is way too thick. So, we're going to keep adding water. We'll keep mixing; make sure there is a sink nearby just in case the kids get really messy with this. The good thing is, is that when it dries it'll crumble right off their clothes. So, we want to make sure we get all that flour mixed in. We've still got it a little bit too thick so what I'm going to do is add the rest of this water here and this should be perfect. As it starts to dry we'll get a really good consistency. That's perfect.