Video transcription

Okay we're going to look at some double stops. Double stops are the act of playing two notes at the same time. Fiddle players do this all the time. So what I'm going to do is basically the idea is I'm going to use an open string and then a fretted note. So we're going to use the key of A here. Here's A on the D string and then when I strum both these together that's what you call a double stop. Now you can kind of add to that. I'm going to show you a little lick here. So we have, we're going down, down, up and then, okay a little bluegrass kind of thing. That's how it sounds all together. So what I'm doing is the sound that you're hearing is this flatted third. It's one, two, three, but I'm adding the middle note here. So here's my one note or my open A. Here's my two. Here's my flat third and my third. Okay. Okay. So you can also kind of walk up into that. Okay. So this is five, six, one, okay. So double stops really add a lot of sound to your playing you know.