Video transcription

Hi, welcome. In this series we're going to talk about, basically, I'm just going to show you some exercises that you can do on the instrument. Learning a stringed instrument or any instrument in general, involves a certain amount of theory, but also a certain amount of physical training. And so, you know, people practice different amounts every day, or every week, or whatever, you know, people only have certain amount of time. And so, I like to divide my time in to things that are specifically about strength building. My left hand is one entity, and my right hand is another entity, and some exercises that deal with coordination of both. I like to incorporate part of that into my training, but also, certainly some amount of theory and a certain amount of songs. So, dividing your time, the amount of time that you do have, into categories, I find helps. Making one category the exercise that we're going to be doing today, physical exercises, second category being, you know, theory, something that works on your intellect as far as playing music goes. And then something about just songs and building a vocabulary.