Video transcription

So have you ever wondered on how to clean and whiten your dentures? Well my name is Michelle and I'm a Dental Assistant with Solutionz and today I'm going to show you on how you can clean and whiten your dentures. And here we have a set of dentures and it's really easy. Whenever you're cleaning dentures, you want to make sure that you just go ahead and use your toothbrush and toothpaste like you normally would with regular teeth. You're just going to brush the denture in a circular motion, really focusing on the gum which is the pink part and on, on the tooth; like right around the gum line and the tooth itself, really focusing, 'cause that's most of the time where the debris likes to sit and if you let the debris sit over a period of time, it'll actually harden itself to the denture. So brushing them on a regular basis, at least three times a day or two to three times a day, brushing them in a circular motion on the top, on the front side. You're also going to do the same thing on the inside, you're going to brush them in a circular motion. And then what a lot of patients is they have to also brush the inside of your denture. This is going to free, if you have any food particles that are stuck underneath the denture, it's going to free up those food particles; so therefore, it doesn't stick to the denture. So now once we just finish brushing the dentures, you're always going to want to put them in a dipping bath and let them sit overnight. Also too, whenever it comes to whitening your dentures, there's really, you really can't whiten your dentures due to the fact that the teeth have already been glazed; there's already been a shade, they're porcelain teeth. So when the lab technician's making them, he's already picked the porcelain shade and then he's glazed over it. But if you, by brushing and keeping your dentures clean, that will prevent them from becoming dingy in color or to getting any stains on them. So that's why it's really important to brush your partial and your dentures at least two to three times a day, so therefore, you're preventing them for becoming discolored. But really there's no way to really can whiten them. If you want whiter dentures then you would need to go see your General Dentist so then, therefore he'd be able to make you a new whiter set. But once again my name is Michelle and I'm a Dental Assistant with Solutionz and I just explained to you on how, and showed you, on how you can clean and whiten your partial dentures.