Video transcription

Hi, my name is Sandy Robinson. I'm with The Maids Home Services and I wanted to show you guys how to remove rust stains from the toilet bowl. Very first thing you want to do is put on some gloves 'cause you don't want to have any bacteria or germs on you and you want to take your toilet brush and you want to start moving, just thrusting it down into the toilet, back and forth, up and down like this 'cause you want to push all the water to the bottom of the toilet. Get all of the water down below, wherever the rust stains are because you'll want to put cleaner on it and pre-treat. So you want to just continue to push the water down until the water level drops below the stain. Once you've done that, you'll use your cleaner, which I like to use CLR. It's a calcium, lime and rust remover, and you'll continue once your water levels drop to spray this on liberally inside the bowl, insuring it doesn't get on your skin or the floor. And then you'll want to pre-treat that for at least five minutes. After your pre-treating, you'll take your toilet brush and you'll start scrubbing the stains that you used to cl...pre-treat and your stains should be removed. If the stains do not come off the first time, just redo it. Repeat the same thing. Push the water level low. Make sure the water is not on the stain. Pre-treat for a second time. Sometimes, for really hard to remove rust stains, you you may have to repeat the process two to three times, and that's how you'll remove rust from your toilet bowl.