Video transcription

Today I'm going to tell you a little bit about dough bait, what it is and basically dough baits are used for catfish or carp and any kind of dough bait has a flour base to it and it is typically like bread dough. Now I'm going to show you a little bit of how to make it. First of all I have already put some flower and a little bit of bread in there. Now what we do is we mix that with water and that will give us our baste for our dough. So I'm going to put some water in there and stir it up and the bread helps it bind in there and it will stay on the hook good. What a lot of people do, is this is the basic dough but you can add garlic to it, you can add chicken livers, you could add Kool-aid or Jello, powdered Jello to give it flavoring. Whatever you choose for catfish or carp. So basically we have got our simple dough and what you are going to do, all you are going to do is roll it up into a ball, get yourself a hook, put that through the hook, keep the ball on there and that is a dough bait. It catches catfish and carp.