Video transcription

You may wonder who invented popcorn, but actually, nobody really knows who invented popcorn, but they know it's been around for centuries. The first ears of corn were found in nineteen-forty-eight in bat caves that were known to be over four-thousand years old. It's probably safe to assume that popcorn was popular in places where corn was grown as a major food source. Even in fifteen-nineteen, Cortez saw popcorn when he invaded Mexico. Popcorn was important to the Aztec Indians as a food source, but they also made necklaces and decorated their head dresses with popcorn. Well, I don't know about you. I love popcorn whether I go to the movies or I'm sitting around my house watching T.V. And there's many popcorn makers on the market, but you can actually just make popcorn at home in a regular cast iron pan. Just put a little oil in, the popcorn, like about a half a cup of popcorn, put it on your stove and let it pop away. Add a little salt and you're ready to go. I'm Jan from Kitchen Kitchen.