Video transcription

I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about how to paint concrete. Now this is one of the best things that you can do in an area like this in a garage to bring some durability to your floor, make it easier to clean and just make it look a lot nicer. You can see here we have got this finish down on the garage floor which is concrete that we have painted and this is an epoxy based paint that is available in a kit. These epoxy paints you can get at any home improvement store, a lot of hardware stores will carry these and it comes in a kit that makes it very easy to finish a floor like this. Now the important thing when you are painting concrete is you have got to make sure that it is prepared properly. In these kits they have actually got a cleaner that comes with it so you sweep the floor and you have got to make sure that you get it swept, you want to get as much of the dust so you want to vacuum it with a shop vac and then you have got to come and you have actually got to use a cleaner. Now one thing that is nice that you can get with these kits that you can get with your epoxy based paint is it comes with a citric based cleaner which it will actually clean and etch the surface to give you good adhesion but it is a citrus base so it is not quite as acoustic as muriatic acid which is what we normally use. If you are going to use just some kind of an enamel or an acrylic base that would normally be what we would have to do is you would have to, once you clean the concrete you would have to use muriatic acid to actually clean and etch the surface so you can get good adhesion but the important thing is when you are painting concrete is to make sure that it is free of all dust and lose materials to make sure that it has been cleaned and etched properly with the right solution and then you can come back and just roll this finish on and you can see we have got some speckles in here and you can see that is actually just dried paint that comes in this kit and it allows you to sprinkle that around and what that does it just helps to add some nice look to the surface and also acts to hide some of the dust an dirt that builds up in a garage area. So I'm Tim Gipson and that's how to paint concrete.