Video transcription

Everything is working and the pump is back washing the filter now. Now we're going to cut the pump back off and position the valve back on the filter. Now we have turned the filter to rinse and we're going to turn the pump back on so it can rinse the water. Now that the filter is clean, the suction is much stronger so we can go back over what we've already done and maybe save a step and not have to brush again. Now you can see, we've got the pool vacuumed and we're about to wrap it up on the vacuuming. We'll do the last vacuuming and then we'll take a leaf net and we'll leaf all the extra debris out and tomorrow we should have a bright shiny swimming pool. Once we get the pool clean, we will adjust the chemicals and get a good chemical in here so that maybe we won't have this algae problem anymore. Last few little.