Video transcription

44.I'm going to put some shock in the water, to boost the chlorine so that we can kill the algae. This is Poolbright shock. I carry it in my store. It is a dichloro shock. With a dichloro shock you have a neutral PH. That won't affect the PH of the water, it will only boost the chlorine. And the way I like to put this in the pool, is to walk around the perimeter and sprinkle it. And add another. When you drop the Ph and boost the chlorine it lets the chlorine become, or not really become, but lets the chlorine work like it really should. With this pool having algae in it, we really need to brush it, because that's the only way you can break it loose from the walls. What happens is when algae grows, it connects to the walls and forms like a bloom. So to release that bloom, we have to brush. And let me find the brush.