Video transcription

All right, now we're moving on to the front differential. Before anything is done on the front differential, you need to have a transmission jack stand, jacked up, just as support, for the rear differential, because you're going to be taking off the four bolts, to lower down the differential. Once the jack is in place, now you can remove the four bolts. Once the four bolts are removed, lower the jack stand down, just a little bit, just to free the rear differential up, so make sure it's lowered evenly. Have another jack stand on the opposite side of the differential, jacked up as the same level, as the transmission jack. Once you have the rear differential unbolt, or the front differential unbolted, lower it down about four inches. Place the transmission jack stand on the opposite side, so that the differential sits level. You lower it four inches, so you can fit the differential spaces in there, and that is about it, for the front differential.