Video transcription

Hi my name is Jeff Fiffie, I'll be showing you to remove and replace a fuel pump on a Lincoln Continental. Counter clockwise, clockwise, to loosen. Remove your bolt, set it to the side, remove the strap down out of your way. With your left hand hold one side of the tank, take your right hand and we'll do the same for the other strap on the other side. Okay, after you get the bolt loose, put it to the side, push your strap out of the way, now we're ready to lower our gas tank down. In some cases you may have to use a jack stand, but in this case we won't need it. The gas has been emptied out of the tank already. Once you get your bands loosened and out of the way, drop the tank down and you need to disconnect your power wires from the fuel pump itself. And also there is two connections that the gas, that feeds out of the pump itself, you want to disconnect those two connections also.