Video transcription

In this clip I will show you how to fold a traditional boat, or a Sambo. This can this model can be found in the book, "Step by Step Origami", by Paul Jackson. Starting with your square, with the color side up, we are going to fold it in half horizontally. And then, open it back out, and cover fold; fold the edges to the center. Same thing on the top edge; fold it to the center. Now turn your unit right side up vertically, and fold these triangles down. Same thing on this side; fold that triangle down. Turn it the other way, and do the same thing with this end; fold the triangles down. Now we are going to fold this triangle one more time. Fold this edge into the center one more time, and same thing on this side; fold that triangle right into the center. Now we are going to do the same thing on this end, but when we do this, this will overlap. This point will overlap, which is fine. So, fold that triangle in to the center, and allow that point to overlap.