Video transcription

Ok. Let's make another set of quick adjustments. Because, it is telling me that ok it stopped. Good. There's the octave and it's stopped. And, when I press it down that's not too bad. Actually, it may be a half of a cent off. But, let me show you something. If I, this is just a fret file. It's got a sharp edge. If I move it in here, I can move the position forward just a hair. And, when I press down there it freezes. That means that this nut is slightly too narrow for us to make it absolutely precise down to the last cent. In other words, the length of this string the way that this nut is cut is just a fraction maybe a hundredth of an inch too long. And, the only way to fix it would be to remove this. Cut a new saddle slot. Cut a new saddle and replace it. The amount that it's off isn't enough to justify doing that radical a change. So, let's assume that we can if it were the other way we could have we could have filed and sanded this and re-crowned this. But, we need to go one-one hundredths of an inch or so in the wrong direction for the angle that this particular slot is cut. So, let's look at the other ones and see if we can make any adjustments or if there's anything that seriously needs if it justifies replacing the entire nut.