Video transcription

Now Matt has been, you know come in to me to be treated by his ears, and I worked on his neck as well. Now to look at Matt close up with his ears I notice that he has some hairs that are changing here on the side of his ears. They're not like I call normal vellis hair. These hairs are starting to turn into more serious hair. So now that we assess that we have something that we have to do about this before these get worse we're going to clean the ear. We'll get our cotton swab out and our alcohol, clean the ear, and with a lot of men they'll have hair in the inner ear. I've had hair around the rim, behind the ear, so you really want to turn that ear every which direction to see where the problems could be. Now sometimes it's even above the ear along this ridge. Men, over like 35 and even sooner sometimes, but usually 35 up men will start having, producing hair on their ears where they don't like it, but the big thing is I tell men, never, never, never pluck the hair on your ears or you're going to end up what I call a gorilla before you're in your mid forties.