Video transcription

In this clip, we're going to talk about the proper way to diagnosis, remove and replace a faulty windshield wiper motor. In this step, we're going to talk about the proper service procedure for installing our replacement wiper motor. You're going to want to make sure that you have all four bolts stuck in through their rubber mounting sleeves before you attempt installing it. The reason why they mount these in rubber, is these motors give off a pretty decent amount of vibration. If it was hard mounted to the vehicle body, you would then feel and hear that vibration a lot more than you normally do, when the wiper motor runs. We're going take and slip this down into position. It's also a good idea if you opt for a junkyard wiper motor, before you install it; compare it to the original wiper motor, to make sure they are identical. It's not too uncommon to get the wrong component or a component off a very similar vehicle and not your exact vehicle from a salvage yard. So, that one step there, just a little preliminary inspection will save you a headache later on down the line, if you happen to get one, a bad one once in a while. Before you tighten down any of the mounting bolts, you're going to want to start them all by hand. What that will do is ensure that you have all of them lined up before you tighten one down and possibly have some misaligned. Once you have them all started, you take your quarter inch socket, or quarter inch socket wrench and a ten millimeter socket and go ahead and begin the tightening procedure. There is no particular torque pattern for a wiper motor. You can just tighten down the bolts as they come up to you, alright. Once you have all of the mounting bolts tightened you're all set and ready to proceed with the rest of your replacement. If you had to remove any other devices that mount, via the mounting bolts for your wiper motor. You're going to want to make sure to install them. As you can see, I have my solenoid pack here which has a hook that will slip over my upper mounting bolt and behind one of the mounting washers. I'm going to take and install that right now, just like so. Go ahead and take and tighten this one down. If you have other devices that bolt down via your wiper motor mounting bolts, what I like to do is actually tighten down all the bolts that aren't necessary to hold on the accessory, so I'm not trying to hold the wiper motor, the solenoid pack, or any other device and get the bolts tight all at the same time. That is the proper procedure for installing the wiper motor and mounting it to the bulk head.