Video transcription

I'm Dr. Joshua Vogel with Carolina OB-GYN, a division of Women and Health Associates and I'm going to talk to you today about how to prevent yeast infections on the skin. Yeast infections can occur almost anywhere on the skin in both men and women but they are necessarily far more common in the areas of the body that are warm and moist, and this would include the groin area, under the arms, under the breast, in the buttocks, between the toes or any places that is chronically warm and moist. Having said that, the best way to prevent them from occurring is to try to keep these areas as dry as you can. Obviously, daily bathing with a mild non-abrasive soap is essential. Avoid scrubbing at the areas as that simply can damage the skin of these typically sensitive areas and make them more prone to infections. An excellent helpful thing to do that I recommend is the use of a blow dryer on a gentle setting to these areas following your daily bath and then white cotton clothing is going to be your most effective, undyed, unscented contacts. Avoid the use of scented products on these areas and you will be going a long way towards preventing yeast infections of the skin. This has been a discussion of yeast infections of the skin.