Video transcription

Hi, this is Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg with Miami Dog Training in Miami, Florida. Well, let's talk a little bit about breeding Shih Tzu. And first let's talk about where the Shih Tzu come from and a little bit about their history. Shih Tzu was originally you know, is a sturdy little dog that was created by the Tibetan monks. You know, was originally from Tibet and created by the monks as a companion dog. You know, they do have a little independent streak, they typically are you know, self confident, little sturdy dogs. Ranging from eight to eleven inches in height and usually maxing out at about fifteen pounds. And because they're small dogs, you know, or, or, closer to the Toy Breed, the chances are that they're going to mature sexually earlier than most dogs. Usually, by about six months, males are fully mature and usually by ten months, the females are sexually mature. So in breeding them, one of the things that you want to consider is, that you don't want to breed a too big of a Shih Tzu to too small of a Shih Tzu. Especially if that smaller one is a female because that can create problems with the puppies in birthing issues. And sometimes will create, you having to go the vet for a Cesarean Section. If you tend to breed like to like and size to size, you're not going to have so many of those issues. Now Shih Tzu are also prone to Renal Dysplasia, Liver Shunts and sometimes because they have not much of a muscle, they are prone to breathing problems. So that's something to consider. So when you're thinking about breeding Shih Tzu some of the things to consider are their size. You know, also gestation period, usually about sixty three days, and that's with most dogs but also with Shih Tzu. So you really want to, you know, just pay close attention and usually you know around, their heat cycle lasts about twenty one days. Usually around the twelfth day, is when they you know, will typically may. But the male with check with the female by sniffing her to see if she is ready. So you know, when you're considering breeding Shih Tzu, these are things to think about.