Video transcription

Lets talk about how to train a Shih Tzu. We are going to talk about walking our dog. Again we keep our dog on our left side under close control, on a short leash. While walking with your Shih Tzu, we are going to start in the heel command. Keep your dog close on your left side, under full control, say the command and take off on your left foot. When you are ready to put your dog into a sit position from the heel command, collect your thoughts, when you are ready start walking. Ask the dog to sit, if the dog needs help, if he's not new with it, gently touch him on the butt, a little upward pressure on the leash and your Shih Tzu should go right where he's suppose to go. Potty training your Shih Tzu is very important and with a little diligence in beginning you should be just fine. Take your dog out many, many times at short intervals. Every thirty minutes or so. Take your dog out on a short leash to the exact area you'd like him to eliminate and when he does praise your dog vigorously. If you do this consistently in a short time you will reduce or greatly minimize accidents in your home.