Video transcription

Neck and shoulder pain can be directly related. The nerves that come through the neck extend into the shoulder and down the arm. One to diagnose them would take x-rays of the neck area and including the shoulder to make sure that there is not a shoulder injury as well. The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint, and since it allows so much motion it's more susceptible to injury. The length of the arm is also a long lever so anything that occurs below the elbow can cause more force on the shoulder, such as dislocation or if there's a fall you can fracture your clavicle or fracture your arm, theses would all be diagnosed by x-ray and by a physician checking your shoulder. The neck also needs to be checked many times because if there's a fall it can affect the neck and the shoulder as well. This would be diagnosed by MRI scan, a CAT scan, or x-rays.