Video transcription

Hi I'm Brian with Today we are going to discuss what current is measured in. So there are two main type of electrical current. There is electrical current and then there is an ocean current. So electrical current is the flow of electrons and that is, tends to be measured in amp years or amps and then you also have an ocean current. Ocean current is the flow of water. It is usually effected by winds, temperature and cylinoid granients and those sorts of things. An ocean current is sometimes measured in sverdrups, sverdrups, I apologize. It is not a scientific standard though. A lot of time current is simply measured in meters curbed per second or feet cubed per second and that sort of thing so it is basically a measure of the flow of water or in the case of water or in the case of electrical current of flow of electricity. So it is just a measure of transport of whatever substance you want to be measuring. To this was a brief discussion of units of measure for two different types of current.