Video transcription

Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. How do we grow roses from tip cuttings? Well typically in hybrid-tees, we don't. But let's say you have got your favorite rose, and you want to take a tip cutting. You are going to come back in, cut the plant, the stem from the plant, the mother plant, and get a good soil like we have here. Remember a good peaty, pearl-like type soil, improve the soil, add the soil,make it nice and priable. Plant it down to a depth, about a third of the stem into the ground. Maybe put a little plastic bag over it. The tip cutting probably is easier to reproduce from than a major stem. Now, many of the miniature roses are done this way, many of the climbers will grow on their own tip cuttings. Most of your hybrid-tees are going to be grafted roses. So you want to check into how do you do some grafting. You normally raise a root stock up, and then you graft on the scion, the top part of the plant onto the root stock. But, if you want to start one from a cutting, take a nice healthy top piece, and pick off any bad leaves, cut the bottom at about a forty-five degree angle, use some rooting hormone, and keep it in a good soil. For, I'm Stan DeFreitas.