Video transcription

Hi, my name is Merrilee, and today I'm going to show you how to make whole grain sprout bread. Now, before you start you're going to want to look up how to sprout whatever grain you may choose, spelt, wheat, quinoa, triticale. Any of those will work, so go through the sprout process so that when you're ready to make your bread your sprouts are ready to be used. We're going to get started now, and one of the first things we want to do is take two and a half cups of very warm water. We're going to then add two tablespoons out of a half a cup of honey. We're going to be using the rest of the honey just a little bit later, but we need a little bit of the honey to get the yeast to begin to work. So, we'll dissolve the honey in the warm water. Then, we're going to put in our two tablespoons of yeast, and we're just going to mix and dissolve that . And then, what we're going to do is we're going to let that sit for about five minutes until it gets bubbly, and then we'll move on with the rest of our process. Now that you can see we've waited five minutes, and our yeast is bubbly and ready to proceed with the next ingredients so what we're going to do is to this bubbly yeast we're going to add the rest of the honey, the half cup that we had utilized the two tablespoons out of before. We're also going to add the salt, the one tablespoon of salt. We're also going to add the half a cup of oil, and we're also going to add now the two cups of sprouts which I have here, and I used wheat sprouts. And then, we're going to also use a combination of four cups of flour so we're going to use, I have a little white flour here and a little bite of wheat gluten to make up one cup. This is fresh ground whole wheat flour. Gonna' put a cup of that in there, and then I'm going to start beating it enough to make what we call a sponge. Mix it up a little bit. Now, we're going to add another cup of the white and another cup of the wheat like that. Now, we're going to continue mixing this, and once it's mixed very well we're going to let it sit for about forty five to sixty minutes and let the sponge work. So, now that our sprouted grain bread sponge has sat for about forty five to sixty minutes it's time to add the rest of the flour; to knead it until it's smooth and elastic, and then we're going to place it in a bowl that I've already greased with a little olive oil. It will have to go through its first rise for about sixty minutes or until it's double. So, I'm going to add the rest of this flour and we're going to stir this down and get it mixed in just a little bit. And then, I'm going to put it out onto the counter where the fun begins cause' we get to get our hands in it. That's about good enough. I'm going to move these over to the side. This is where you can get a little exercise, working your bread until it's smooth and elastic. It's nice if you have a counter that's just a little bit lower for those of us who are a little shorter so we can get a little leverage. So, I would continue kneading this until its smooth and elastic, and then once all the wheat has been worked in then I'll put it in this bowl and we'll let it raise for an hour. And I would suggest putting it in a warmed oven. You can tell the bread is ready when it starts springing back when you put a little hole in the top like this. You see how it springs back? Then it's ready, so we're going to put it, you dip the top of it in oil; then flip it over. And we're going to place that in our oven and it's going to raise for about sixty minutes. Then, we'll come back and form it into loaves. I'm now forming the loaves of our sprouted grain bread after having let it go through its first rise for about an hour. We punch it down; form it into loaves, and then we take and put them in well greased loaf pans. Goes back into the warmed oven for a second rise before we bake it. Now, I've just removed our whole grain sprouted wheat bread out of the oven, and if you leave it sit for just a few moments in the pans it's good to take them out and put them on the rack so that they can cool completely, otherwise they start to get real soggy at the bottom of the crust. And there you have two beautiful loaves of sprouted grain bread.