Video transcription

The average car salesman's salary is something that it really varies and is hard to put an average on it. Especially you know in in economic times that we are currently facing it is obviously lower than it would be in times of economic boom as we have have seen in the past. So it is it is really hard to say, it as so far as the average goes the good thing about selling cars as so far as your salary goes is you are you are able to in a way control what you make in so far as how hard you work determines typically your your pay, if if you are willing to put the hours in you know typically you are going to be rewarded for that based on an increased number of sales and if you are not needing to work as much obviously your pay will reflect that as well. So it is really hard to pin down an actual dollar amount, but you know it is it is based on on effort and but also the economy so it is hard to say exactly what a car salesman could make. Month to month it varies, over you see typically see the ones that make a career out of it can sustain a sort of level or increasing year over year annualized income and and that is the way to look at it more than than just the month look at it annualized because one month since you are basically working just for yourself say you get sick well if you get sick you are not here you are not selling cars, but then balance that out with a month you have done really well and over the course of a year you know you can see a trend see some annualized growth.