Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to keep your house windows from fogging up. Obviously if you take a shower in your bathroom, the windows are going to get foggy and sometimes you don't like that. If you have a nice clear shower like this, or if you have a big huge window like this, sometimes when you get on the shower you don't want your windows fogged up. You want to be able to throw your clothes on and open your blinds so you can see the birds outside or see what the weather's like when you're getting ready for work or you know, this shower you're, it's meant to be seen through, so if you don't want the glass or windows fogging up, it's really easy to keep them from doing this. What you want to do and this works for me as well too, by the way, is get some shaving cream and you want to use shaving cream foam and apply it to your window. You put it on really good like in a circular motion and shaving cream; I believe it's the wax coating maybe in shaving cream that helps it, keep your windows from fogging; but once you've done this, it's a little bit messy but it smells good; you want to wipe it off with the clean rug. You don't want to use a wet rug; you want to use a dry rug because if you use a wet rug, you're going be wiping the shaving cream off. So like I'm doing right here, just find a clean side of the rug and just wipe it off. Once you do this, your windows should be fog free for a couple of weeks until you have to reapply the shaving cream. It's pretty simple and you can do it with household materials. Here we go. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you keep house windows from fogging up.