Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tom and I'm here at Best Buy to talk to you about how wireless keyboards work. So a wireless keyboard which does not require you to plug directly into your computer is going to work such: you're going to have a receiver, which is usually in in the form of a USB drive, and that's going to be plugged directly into your keyboard. Then your keyboard, which is going to be powered by some batteries in the back here. The keyboard is going to send out a a wireless signal, very similar to your home phone, and that's going to send it to the little USB receiver which will pick up the signal and allow you to type and do everything normally just as is your keyboard is plugged in. Now there are generally two types of wireless keyboards. One are called wireless and the other ones are Bluetooth, and the Bluetooth ones work very similar to the wireless keyboards except they give you a little bit of an extra length if you want to be using them for presentations so you can use that keyboard further away from your desktop computer. For more information or more tech tips, please visit one of our stores or go on-line to