Video transcription

Hello my name is Izabella and now I'm going to show you how to add more special effects to Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is a standard program already enabled in all Windows. With the help of this program you can create and edit your own videos and you can also add some special effects to them. We open a web browser at first and go to the website Here we write in the key words Windows Movie Maker Special Effect or effects freeware and if we type in these words we click on google search and here we can see the list of results that google gave us. As we click on the first link google will direct us to the website where we can see the first program for Movie Maker 1 that you can download by clicking this download link. Here we will also click on download site 1 and to make it easier we have already downloaded this program so we have now it on the computer. Now we go to start accessories and entertainment and windows movie maker and here is the program and now we select a video that you would like to add effects to and if you have a video selected in the main menu go to click video, video effects and here you can see at least those average 01 effects that we have just added with downloading this program. If you select one effect click on it and you will see that then the effect will appear in your video.