Video transcription

How to learn jazz dance moves. It is important to know that jazz dancing is a technique that requires a lot of strength and flexibility. For this reason, oftentimes, most dance studios will not allow children to take dance jazz dancing before they are at the age of eight or nine. There are several different jazz dance moves that can be taught. Once a child or an adult starts to take a jazz dance class oftentimes a class will begin with a warm-up to to help on strength and flexibility. Then, you may work on certain moves in the center of the floor such as jazz hands, isolations, moving one part of your body at a time, and turns, jumps, leaps. There are several different forms of jazz dancing around nowadays. One of the more popular is hip hop dancing which definitely incorporates a lot of those isolations and street moves to it. There's also traditional jazz dancing which incorporates lots of turns, jumps, and leaps to more modern and contemporary music. Once a dancer begins their study of jazz dance oftentimes it becomes their favorite.