Video transcription

In this clip we'll talk about how to become a life art model. Becoming a life art model is definitely different from posing for a magazine. In a magazine you look at an ad where girls trying to sell a pair of jeans and becoming a; being a life art model, you are not really trying to sell anything. You're, the artist has a vision and your job is to become that vision. It's definitely something that you're not going to be prepared for every time you go in. It's not something that they're going to layout; it's just more of a sporadic thing where the artist has a vision and then you go with it. You kind of have to be able to work with the artist and get on board with what they're looking for an then at the end of the day, you know, you never know what you're going to do. It's just, the artist will say, "Okay, I want to cover you in different colors of paint and put you next to a mosaic". Then you just have to be come the mosaic, then you have just kind of give them what they're looking for. It's more of something that you look at in an art gallery as oppose to flipping through a magazine. It's definitely a little something a little bizarre than photo shooting a commercial ad. You have to, you know, just kind of mold into what that artist is looking and completely and totally become that project.