Video transcription

Hi today I'm talking to you a little bit about how to burn off hip fat. This is one of those things that a lot of my female clients come to me with, they are really worried about sort of trimming their hips. Now again this is one of those things that there is really not a popular answer for. It is going to take lot of hard work and you're not going to be able to just do one exercise that targets your hips and burn off hip fat. Typically what I make sure to tell people is make sure that your nutrition is in line, make sure that you are properly hydrated and that you have got a comprehensive workout going including cardiovascular and resistance training and spot reduction is impossible. Now in terms of mobilizing fat a great thing to do is make sure that you are getting your leg muscles involved in your workouts. A lot of people go into the gym and they focus on their upper body and they are sitting down. You want to make sure that you are really revving up those leg muscles because that is the largest muscle group in your body and it just so happens that your hips are right around that area so I'm going to show you an exercise today that many of you have probably seen it is just a squat. I am going to do a variation on it. I am going to include a shoulder press which is going to work our core a little bit which is inclusive of our hips and we are going to add the shoulder press in so we are going to get this really nice compound body movement that is really really going to get your heart rate up and your muscles working and it is going to get you well on your way to burning fat. So you are just going to squat here, you are going to hold that ball, that medicine ball right here in front of your chin, squat, press up, up, up, alright. Now here a squat targets your hips but this here, this position you are stabilizing that core and your hips are really the biggest stabilizing factor in that so you can be sure that your hip flexors, your hamstrings are really burning after about 12 to 15 of those, you will definitely feel it burning. If you incorporate that with some really good circuit training, cardiovascular training and again make sure your nutrition is in line and you will at least be on your way to shredding some of the fat off your hips.