Video transcription

Gallbladder problem symptoms. Normally someone will complain of constipation, headache over the eyes, especially over the right eye, they'll have complaints of gas, burping and nausea and dizziness and the stools will look real chalky and they perhaps complain of a pain under their right ribcage. Always comes with indigestion, could come with shoulder blade pain, a feeling of fullness, of bloatness and there's going to be more than likely bitter regurgitation that comes up in from the stomach and it's like a backup. And so gallbladder problems symptoms are not something that needs to be ignored because it could involve a surgical case as it goes on. But there are other things also that would give you some of the same symptoms. So it's good to have a licensed medical physician to see you if you have at least one of these problems because you can see how that at least one of these problems is all something is not right. Especially if it goes on for a little while but just notice that some of the problems that come with gallbladder problem symptoms are not something you want to ignore.