Video transcription

Hi my name is Nick Charette. We are down at Concord Auto Spa and I am going to show you how to get a sticky tape substance off your vehicle. If you are unfortunate enough to get a substance on your car like say 3 m tape and you have a decal sometimes it leaves some sticky residue behind. You want to take an all purpose lacquer thinner to help take it off. It will really eat away at it and it will not harm your paint. I would like to caution you though because if you leave it on too long it will harm your paint so you don't want to leave it in one spot too long. You pour it on and you just keep going over it until it disappears and you may want to keep adding a little more lacquer thinner and make sure it, you want to watch the cloth and make sure that no paint is coming off and watch where you are actually doing it. It shouldn't take too long so it shouldn't be able to harm your paint, take too long to harm your paint and if you are there then you are really not doing it right. Fortunately for this guy he doesn't have any but I'll show you exactly how it should be done. I like to take a corner of the cloth, put a little bit on it, fold it over a little bit and just work the spot, use little bit of pressure. You don't want to use too much, maybe a little bit of circular motion trying to stay in that one vicinity. After you are done you take the cloth and you wipe it over a little bit. If it is all gone then it is all gone and if it is not you repeat the process until it is all gone. You don't really want to go to any stronger product than this. This is pretty much what is going to get the job done if anything.