Video transcription

Hello this is Andrew Reynolds and today I'm going to show you how to make a Japanese knot. Now this is a typical way that the Japanese would use to tie their bamboo fences together, just something very quick and easy to do and also somewhat decorative so it would look nice when they're finished. So once you have your intersection of bamboo or wood, whatever you'd like to use, we actually suggest using a wetted twine rope, get a twine rope nice and wet so that when you're done it'll kind of cinch up on itself as it dries and make it tighter. Start in the bottom right hand corner, come up over the horizontal piece from behind and then just kind of cross over right here, go under and through there and kind of pull them so that they're a little bit even. And basically what you're going to do as you're tightening this up you have kind of these two adjacent corners that you're going to be pulling from and basically you just take this top left one and hang it down and then you're going to take this bottom right one and loop it around that existing one from the top left corner and then all you need to do to complete it is go under this rope here and kind of through just that first little section of that loop you just created. And you're going to pull that tight. And this is just a little bit of variance on the squaring out almost. And like I said, when you use that wetted twine rope, this know you tie it as tight as possible right here and you can cut off the ends of course and do this at every intersection necessary. But if you use that wetted twine rope, when this dries it's going to pull it really tight so it's very secure. So when building your Japanese fence, that is how you make a Japanese knot so you can have that nice authentic feel. Thanks for watching.