Video transcription

Hi I'm often asked how do I kill carpenter ants? Well I will help you with that problem. I'm Michael Piacenza with Advantage Pest Control. Well carpenter ants come in all different shapes and sizes but basically they are all in the same category and everybody thinks they eat wood and that is a big misconception. They live in wood. They burrow into the wood and create their home. They are actually protein eaters so how do you kill them? Well you are going to need a protein based bait if you are going to try a bait. Now I have found that they are really adverse to baits. You know you might get one type that will take the bait but more often than not that doesn't wipe out the colony so what I do is I use a couple of different sprays and dusts. If you can find a trail of them that is perfect. If you have got a trail and you can dust that tail and they are traipsing through that trail ants are constantly cleaning themselves. If they get that dust on their antennas which is like another set of eyes they are going to be constantly cleaning that and they get that dust in their system. Now there are some safe dusts. You can use botanically based. You can use minerally based like like boric acid and all of those work really really well. In fact a lot of the baits have boric acid in them. The other thing I use is a synthetic outside of the house. Any termiticide actually will work really good on ants so just make sure that you read the label and you follow all the safety practices. Carpenter ants one of the best ways to take care of them is to spray up under the eaves. They have a tendency of coming up and getting in through the attic and back down and then any places where they can get in you want to seal those up so a multi pronged approach will usually get it. Now they do swarm and sometimes you will find windows, excuse me wings in your windows and you have got to take a look at those. If there is little dead bodies, if they have a little pinch then it's a carpenter ant. If they have a long smooth body that's a termite and a much bigger problem so you are going to need a professional for that. I hope this has been helpful. I am Michael Piacenza, good day.