Video transcription

Hi, my name is Paege Chafin and I'm the owner and executive chef for Roman Gardens Restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida and today we're going to talk about the west, best way to store your fresh ginger root. When you buy fresh ginger root in the store, you notice that it's in the refrigerator section, but it's not refrigerated. They do this for a reason. When you refrigerate ginger root, it tends to dry it out so you want to stay away from that. But you only want to use a little bit at a time on your fresh ginger root because it's very, very strong. So say you cut off a piece about an inch long. You would want to make sure you peel the skin off of it to use it but you would leave the skin on all the rest. When you get to the where you've used your ginger root for the day and you just want to store it on your counter top or room temperature, you would tear off a piece of foil, just a small one. And then wrap it around the end of the ginger root where you cut it like this. Make sure it stays nice and tight. I've been known to also use a small rubber band to keep that on there. You can keep it on there as long as you like. When the ginger root starts to get soft at about two weeks, you might want to think of preserving it or shaving it and freezing it, but that's a different subject. So you thought storing ginger was a problem, but we can make it really, really easy. Once again, I'm Paege Chafin from Roman Gardens Restaurant in St. Pete. Have a great day!