Video transcription

Hi my name is Lauren and today I am here to discuss how to do Cornrows. First thing that you are going to want to do is actually clip your hair and separate it into actual rows, depending on the width of the row depend would depend on the width of the actual Cornrow. Now you have more than one option here you can do it where it is a nice defined line or you can actually do a zig zag part in order for them to kind of really work together, what that does is it prevents as much scalp from being seen, because the line is not so defined. Once you get your section the size Cornrow that you decide that you would like, you are going to section your hair. Out and you are going to put clips on either side in order to prevent you from grabbing hair that should not that does not belong, what that will do is keep you with those nice crisp lines plus it will make your job a little bit easier so you do not have to worry about pulling hair that wont belong in that Cornrow. You are then going to start it in the front you are going to pull out the front section, I usually do it about like just about a quarter of an inch to a half inch long, you are then going to split that into three sections, try to make them as equal as possible just so that way the braid comes out as equal as possible. What you are going to then do is you are going to take the side strands and actually bring them to center. You are going to continue to do this back for about two or three before you start integrating the other hair. Now you are going to go underneath each section going underneath the section is actually going to help you out a little bit more because it is going to make your Cornrow stand out, it is ultimately a French Braid backwards rather than going up and over the center one you are actually going to swing that hair underneath it. You can grab little sections and integrate them the entire time, and you are going to continue this all the way back, you can injure Cornrows halfway back and then just tie them off with a rubber band or if you would like you could also Cornrow your entire head. And that is how to do Cornrows.