Video transcription

Hi, my name is Alex, from the Perfect Dress, and I'm going to show you how to get that right size, for your dress, so normally a rule of thumb, if you don't have time to measure yourself, and you're just going into a store, think about what size pants you wear. If you wear a 4 or a 6, sometimes the dresses can run just a little bit small, so you might want to go for a 6 or an 8, but if you do have time to have a consultant measure you, or if you want to just measure yourself at home, I'll show you how to do that, so you always take the measuring tape by the 1, and as you measure the bust area, of course, you want to measure at the fullest part. Now, never cross the tape. You see that in movies and on TV a lot, but don't do it, always just put the end of the tape to where the number needs to be, and as you are doing the bust area, make sure that your arms are straight down, because if they are up like this, it's going to pull that area a little taut. Then, you want to go to the smallest part of the waist, the natural waistline, which is normally right over the belly button, not on your hips, and then when you do the hip area, really it's just the largest part of your bum, and then you pull it like that, and that is what you can do, and give the measurements to your sales consultant, and that is how you will find your perfect size.