Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stephanie from and I'm going to tell you what perfume is made out of. Back in the old days, perfumes were made out of the plants. In ancient times, like Egyptians, would put their plants into oil for their fragrance. And then, later on, people started to distill the plants and create essential oils. And then, later on, there was the technology for extracting some of the more delicate things that weren't able to be distilled, some flowers. And they make absolutes, congruents and then technology developed to make synthetics reproductions of the scents. And, since then, there have been, you know, a lot of advancements, so we have scents that imitate some things that you're not able to extract a scent from. So most of the perfumes on the market will be either synthetic or they'll be a combination of natural and synthetic materials. When I make my perfumes, I only use natural materials because that's my preference and it helps my allergies that way. But, you know, most of the ones on the market are both and it's up to you to chose whichever you're comfortable with wearing.