Video transcription

How to make your own paper envelope. You can make it a little fancy. You'll need two sided tape or a glue stick. Pair of scissors. The card, whether it's pre-made or one that you've made and a 9 by 12 piece of paper. Paper punch is optional, some fancy scissors and I'll show you later at the end what we're going to do with those. So what you're going to do is take your card and you're going to kind of put it in the center of your paper and you're going to fold the sides in tight to the card and the same thing on the other side. Nice strong crease. And then you're going to fold up the bottom. Nice strong crease. And then we're going to close that card in all the way and make one more crease. Just like that. Now you're not done yet, need to open this up and you're going to make a little mark right here where this bottom flap is up to your side flaps. Just like that. So those are the marks. And right now I'm going to get the card out of the way. What you are going to do, I'll show you with a pen first, you are going to, this folded corner up here you are going to cut a diagonal line like that on each end. It'll make it easier for you to get your card in. Just like that. Get your scissors. Do your little cut to that corner. Same thing on the other side up to that folded corner. Turn your paper over, flatten it out a little bit and what you're going to be doing is cutting off the excess for the top of your envelope. We'll get that side and the other side. Now to close the envelope, you can use glue or you could use double sided tape and for today we're just going to use double sided tape, one on that side and one on this side. You bring up your bottom flap and close it up just like that. And I probably would re-crease this a little bit better so it stays for you. Can slip your card in and this could just be the end of your envelope here, you can double side tape or regular glue, but I had told you earlier we could do something a little bit fancy. So I'm just going to turn this over so I don't get my card in the way. I happen to have a paper punch that does little butterflies and that's what we're going to do, we're just going to edge and paper punch a little butterfly just for a decorative purpose. So you have those and you would get your little bit of glue or double sided tape and put that down and close up your envelope. And you can get it off in the mail. Thanks.