Video transcription

Hello, my name is Lauren Saldana. I am an entomology major over at FSU, and I specialize in arachnids. So today we're going to be talking about how to identify the spiders of New Jersey. And the first one that we'll be talking about is the brown recluse spider, which is very common in the U.S. And they have an orange-yellow kind of color, with a dark violin pattern throughout their body. And, at the bases of their legs they have an orange-yellow color, and then from the knee joint down it's about a grayish brown color. And, the next one that we'll be talking about is the arrow shaped Micrathena, which has a very small cephalathorax with either a dark red or a dark brown color. And they are mostly found in woodland areas and in gardens. And, that's it for New Jersey.