Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about growing bamboo in water. Now bamboo is a grass just like the grass in your lawn so it likes full hot sun and good drainage. So when you are trying to grow bamboo in water itself the regular types of bamboo whether it is the clumping or the running variety they don't do well right in water, a lot of times they'll rot right out and you try to grow them hydroponically with the lights and you can have some kind of a growing medium like a sponge and lots of people are successful that way as well but it is kind of difficult because they are like the grass in the lawn so I have found growing bamboo right in water is very difficult. But if you are thinking about bamboo in water what you are probably thinking about is actually the lucky bamboo and lucky bamboo is not a bamboo it is a dracaena it's a house plant and so you can grow it right in water and the roots will do really well with no soil at all and so lucky bamboo or dracaena is very easy to grow in water as long as you have got water in a container, maybe a few rocks for it to grab on to it will grow really well and do great for you for years to come and it does really well inside or you can put it outside in part sun but it does burn easily if it's in the hot sun whereas bamboo needs full hot sun like the lawn. So when growing bamboo in water make sure you have lucky bamboo.