Video transcription

Hello, my name is Mark Blocker. In this segment, we're going to cover how to replace a headlight bulb. The headlight bulbs are mounted in the back side of the headlight assembly. Sometimes they're covered by other devices, plastic air intake ducts, maybe an overflow reservoir tube, something of that nature, that may prevent you from getting access to the light bulb itself, might have to be removed prior to replacing the headlight. That information should be found in the operator's manual, under replacing headlight bulbs. Once you remove those objects, I'll have you come over, and we'll get a closeup, and I'll show you how to replace it. To replace a headlight bulb, the first thing we need to do, is remove this electrical connector. That's done by pushing down on the back of it, and pushing downward. Let me block your view for just a second, see if I can get it off there. We'll switch hands here. Once the electrical connector is removed, just pull it back and out of the way. If you see on the back side of the light, there's a ring there, and if you squeeze in on that outer ring, it's got locking devices, and twist counterclockwise. That will release, and allow you to pull the light bulb assembly out itself, and to replace the bulb assembly, you just want to use the reverse procedure, make sure not to touch the bulb with your fingers. Install it back into the socket, twist the locking device clockwise, to lock it. Insert the electrical connector. We didn't get that locked on, there we go, and then just simply insert that electrical connector. That's how you replace a headlight bulb.