Video transcription

Hi I'm Dave from Singh Technologies and we're going to talk about connecting your Xbox up to a regular PC, a Windows based PC. First things first, you do have to have a media center on your PC. You also have to have the wireless network adapter for the Xbox 360 or it has to be wired into your network with an actual ethernet jack in the back. Once you do that, you'll go to the menu that's inside on your console, have it up and go to your settings inside the Xbox profile and then go to your network settings and inside of that it'll say media center connect. And after the network is already connected, you'll go to the PC and open up your media center in it and it will see the Xbox after that. Once you're connected to the media center, you can pull video files, audio files and pictures down from the PC and vice versa from the Xbox 360 to the PC itself and you can also watch DVD movies through your Xbox.