Video transcription

If you're looking to get a bigger butt, you can tone out the fat and you can build up the muscle. One of the best ways to do that are basic squats. For example coming up and down. You can do jumping squats which are much more effective, jump up and squat down, jump up and squat down. Keeping your core engaged, planting your heels every time you come down, keeping your back straight. The biggest thing is you don't want to do this. No bending over while your doing it. Always keep your core engaged, always keep your back straight. So, up and down like that, that will work the hips, that will work the glutes. The lower down your come, the more you're going to work the butt, the tighter it's going to get, the more you can actually enlarge your hips. Same thing on the side. If you were to come down you can do different exercises coming up and down. Break these down into different groups. Do a circuit set of say 10-15 reps coming up and down. Bring your knee in and out. Bend the knee back extend. Do little circles point the toe, other direction. Or, just holding it up and down. All that will naturally improve your hip size as well as you've got to work the inside. Coming up and down with the opposite leg, and if you want a little bit of extra resistance, you can always add a resistance band around your leg. Tie it to the ground or something. Or, for example have a rubber band that's around both legs so that way when you're pulling them apart you get a little bit of extra resistance. And all those will help you naturally enlarge your hips.